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Advanced Association are a group of heavily involved musical individuals whose talents are superior to those said to be on many levels above them.

Each member is from an unforgiving background of betrayal, lies and uncommiting actions from industry professionals, but have now joined forces to tackle the world of music.

Advanced Association started out as 'Double A Crew' formed by JXE (Xiaro) and Alamscars, it was then re-formed as Advanced Association by Project Timmy who took control of all practicality of the production and management for the group.

Starting out, Advanced Association realised that no one they knew who had built a name for themselves are going to support them, so they are now determined to do it themselves and do it better than any other competition.

Advanced Association are heavily influenced by grime music, but over time have leaned over to many new genres including dubstep, pop, indie, alternative, dance, hiphop and electric. They love to experiment and 'play with fire'.

Industry professionals that Advanced Association have worked with will all say the same thing:

"The most talented individuals you will ever come across."